Masthead examples

ValueEdge Dashboard (ADM)
Masthead with hamburger menu and breadcrumbs

ValueEdge dashboard with the side menu open

ALM Octane (ADM)
Masthead with hamburger menu, product name and module/page name

ALM Octane with mega-menu open

LoadRunner Cloud – as a ValueEdge module (ADM)
Masthead with product name, module name, and navigational tabs

Masthead with product name and dropdown buttons

Voltage Fusion (CyberRes)
Masthead with product name and breadcrumbs using Metric font

Voltage SecureData (CyberRes)
Masthead with product name and sub-product name using Metric font

ArcSight (CyberRes)
Masthead with product name and page name – Dark Theme

Nautilus Vision (CyberRes)
Masthead with product name and centered tabs

examples

Updated: November 1, 2023

Please note: All the examples below are for illustrative purposes only, and aim to cover different scenarios that can apply to our wide range of login screens.


Short product name (Light mode)
Screen using the DS 21 component combined with OpenText gradient in the background.

Long product name (Dark mode)
When product name is long, it could break to a new line.

Products using DS 17 (Dark mode)

White label

Login screen with custom background using “Powered by OpenText” logo (only if required).

Multiple steps Sign-in

Added: November 29, 2023

Some sign-ins may require multiple steps for completion, such as authentication or agreement to required text (e.g., terms and conditions or a disclaimer). In these cases, we recommend dividing the sign-in process into two steps.


with authentication

with a required text