One language for
a world of products

Learn about our product design language and explore the guidelines and elements that define it.


Principles of our product language


Base elements and component library

Tokens & Styles

Colors, typography, and shadows


Guidelines for the OpenText rebranding

User centered

Understanding user needs and product requirements is what we do best. Our goal is to enhance the experience of our products while maintaining consistency and keeping our users always at the forefront.


We are all about building a common language to be adopted effortlessly by our many products. We design and develop in a modular way for this purpose.


As a large organization, our products require an identifiable design language. Our design system must ensure clear, consistent, and cohesive experiences that can readily become scalable.


We work to make products for everybody. We keep enhancing the UI and functionalities to comply with international accessibility standards and ensure nobody is left behind.

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Dive in and discover everything our design system has to offer.


What makes our design system a design system? Read all about our basic principles.


Browse through our component library, see general specs of components and behaviors.

Tokens & Styles

Discover the design system colors, typography styles, and elevations used across products.


Handy links to important files and external sites. See tutorials, Figma libraries and more.