Mark McCorkell

UX Designer

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United Kingdom

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Content Manager


A little bit about me

Hello! I’m Mark, a Belfast-based designer who crafts user experiences. 😃

Browsing the Internet in 2002 was a very different experience. We had Yahoo GeoCities, hit counters, scrolling text marquees, guestbooks, and some very intense backgrounds. Coincidentally that was the year I created my first website and became a Webmaster. My journey started in my bedroom when I was a teenager, hand-building websites using raw HTML. Back in those days, it felt like a mystical art. The Internet has since evolved. I can say the same about my experience.

I can proudly say that I have worked with amazing people over the years, and I have learned from a few great mentors. UX is my passion, but I have added quite a few other strings to my bow. I can design, write, and present ideas.

My expertise: research, workshops, and ideation. I like FigJam and whiteboards. 🤓

On the weekends

On weekends I like to catch up with friends and family, dabble in photography, and when our weather permits… hiking and exploring.
But if you heard the rumours about Belfast weather, you’ll have heard that we are no strangers to stormy weather.
It’s good to have a backup plan… like endlessly scrolling Netflix trying to find the perfect series to binge on. ☕

Something cool

Stuff in Space is a real-time 3D map of objects in Earth orbit, visualized using WebGL. 🚀🛸