Eyal Fendell

UX Manager

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UX Studio

💼 Projects:

Design System, ValueEdge


A little bit about me

My relationship with design started when I was 7, and my parents brought a black & white Mac from the US. On this old machine, I’ve learned the basics of many early graphic design apps (Photoshop 1.0 anyone?) and 3D modeling tools. While doing so, I also became aware of digital interfaces for the first time.

Torn between my love for digital and my love for tangible tech, I eventually studied Industrial Design, graduated from HIT in 2008, and later took some courses in UX design. Prior to joining Micro Focus in 2020, I spent almost 10 years in Tamooz, a multidisciplinary design studio, where I took part in designing dozens of physical and digital products.

Over the years I’ve gained vast experience in defining, designing, and shipping both B2B and B2C products, including various SaaS products, wearable tech, Medical IoT apps and devices, HMI for industrial robotic systems, and more.

My expertise: Ideation and concept development.

On the weekends

On weekends I spend time with my wife Liron and my kids, Itamar (9) and Gal (6).
We’ll sometimes hang around in the park near our home in Tel Aviv or go for a walk near the beach.

But most of all we love staying at home, drawing monsters, grabbing some Thai food, playing video games, or inviting the family over.

Something cool I'd like to share

This amazing project/website that I recently came across.
It celebrates these old-school botanical illustrations by Elizabeth Twining from the 19th century: https://www.c82.net/twining/