Tal Abramovich

Product Designer

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Model Based Testing (MBT)


A little bit about me

I’m Tal, I’m a mother of 4 boys and I’ve worked in Microfocus/HP/HPE and even Mercury for the past 19 years. Actually, I have grown here, started when I was a young student and played many roles in the company over the years. On the beginning of 2020 I have started a transition to the UI/UX field in UFT Mobile and this was the first time that I felt really good with what I was doing, like i’m in the exact place for me.


On the weekends

I’m a photographer so I spend most of my free time with my camera, you are more than welcome to visit my page and instagram

I also love to spend time with my family, cook and bake yummy things and have some fun with friends. My big love are animals (specially dogs) and I would do anything for them 🙂

In my free time I volunteer at the third age club at our kibbutz and do fun activities with the great people there.