Anat Rymland Levy

Product Designer

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UX Studio

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Design System


A little bit about me

Hey, I’m Anat 👋🏻

I’m an 80’s kid who grew up in the Sharon district in Israel, surrounded by green fields, when cellphones were not still a thing. I think I turned out OK 🤓.

I was drawn to art and design from a young age, and studied visual communication design in the H.I.T institute on my 20’s. Since then I’ve been working as a graphic designer in various fields, ranging from art exhibitions to UX and UI.

I joined the UX Studio as a product designer in late 2022, and have been learning so much since.
I really enjoy designing and thinking about our design system – it serves such a large scale of products and users, I really believe it’s an awesome tool.


On the weekends

On my free time, I enjoy running, visit art museums, reading a good book, or watching an excellent TV series.
I dream about free time to go back to drawing and painting.


Something I find cool:
Oh, I love this tool: