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Micro Focus UI Style Guide - V1.0

One Visual Language for All
The innovative and fresh design of the style guidelines were created by challenging ourselves to bring to life a common visual language for designers and developers, based on modular design.

Our cross-portfolio goal is to present harmony and unity in our products by creating a visual interface experience based on strength and boldness, alongside confidence and innovation.

Our philosophy is to enhance the brand by simplifying the existing UI and maintaining consistency among our products.
Making the Developer's Life Easier
To assist in the transition and rebranding of our products, we have worked alongside the talented developers from the UX Aspect, Quantum, and Grommet platforms, who have developed the UI guidelines in Angular, React, and Bootstrap language.

Below, you will find the recording and presentations from the developers, hear their explanations behind the coding, and listen to a wide-ranging Q&A.
Speaking the Language
UI Examples
A validation of any design system is a fundamental step in the process of creating a new visual language for a company.

Since first publishing our design system, we have redesigned 15 different products using the new language.

We invite you to review and be inspired by the way the new language is expressed in Micro Focus products.

Latest Updates

Reason: Marketing Dept. Decision

Reason: many mastheads have a lot of information and the left side is empty. We resolved the consistency issue between the level-one and level-two mastheads.
Reason: The blue color was too dominant in many use cases and caused consistency issues with the behavior of other components.